My name is Anastasiia Beaumont, I am the European Vice-Champion in dog dancing and a successful dog trainer with more than 10 years of experience.

During this time I have already conducted more than 20 seminars and master classes in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Estonia and Israel and received a lot of enthusiastic feedback from the participants! If you would like to organize a dogdance seminar and invite me to conduct it - I will be glad to come to you!
Dog Dance Mania - Anastasia Beaumont dances with her dog Yuki at the Dogdance World Championship
Possible formats:

  • Maximum of 10 dogs per day and 10 spectators (participants without dogs).
  • The seminar includes theory, group work and individual work with each participant.

Example program:

9:00-10:00 theory
10:00-12:30 individual work: first session (15 minutes per dog with 10 participants, or if there are fewer participants, the time will be increased)
12:30-13:30 lunch break
13:30-14:30 group work, question and answer session
14:30-17 individual work: second session

1 day - 750 euros
2 days - 1200 euros
+ travel and accommodation expenses (if someone proposes that I stay overnight at their place, it’s possible)
Prepayment of 50% one month before the seminar - this is the guarantee of the date to be reserved. A refund is possible only in case of illness of the teacher or global force majeure circumstances that make it impossible to conduct the seminar. The remaining amount can be transferred after the end of the seminar.


Master Class

5 hours/day - 5 participants

Format for advanced participants who want to work on their choreography or to have more time to work on tricks or technical aspects.

Each participant will have 2 sessions of 25 min + answers to questions at the end.

1 day - 600 euros


Private lessons

1 - 90 euros
  • FAQ :
    Is it possible to shorten the program and do without theory?
    • Yes, it is possible to do without theory, then everyone will have more time for individual sessions. But I think that theory is quite important to explain how I work and it gives participants the chance to ask general questions

    Is it possible to adjust the program in terms of time?
    • Yes, I am ready to consider your suggestions

    Is it possible to adjust the program based on the questions of the participants?
    • Of course, it would be great if you could collect questions from participants in advance and send them to me so that I can adapt the program to their request.

    If there are fewer/more participants, does the cost of the seminar change?
    • The cost of the seminar is fixed and does not change.
    Advice: If you want to reduce the cost for participants, you can organize 2 groups: Saturday 10 participants with dogs and 10 spectators, and on Sunday participants switch roles. This makes it possible for twenty people to participate and reduce the overall cost