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Training and dancing with your dog using positive reinforcement

Start to understand your dog and do amazing tricks together!

Enjoy performing, walking and traveling with your dog!

So… what if you don't know how to connect with your dog, it’s not in tune with you and you don’t know how to motivate it?
What if you want to teach it tricks or start dancing, but you don't know how?
And you would like to improve your choreography, and need help?
In 10 years I went from being an amateur in dogdancing to 2 place winner at the Open European Champion (OEC)
I overcame stage fright and learned to build contact with my furry friend
I began to enjoy training and performances, improved my artistry and sense of rhythm…
I went through all of this myself, and now I’m ready to take you by the hand and help you get through it all faster!
If you prefer an individual approach, a clear structure and step-by-step instructions
If you are looking for support at every stage, where you can discuss all the questions and problems that arise
If you need a professional mentor, for whom not just the result is important, but the health of your dog and the atmosphere during classes
Sometimes it's hard to find a coach who lives near you. And it’s far from possible to always make long trips for the sake of training.
Online learning will allow you to study whatever you want, anytime, anywhere!

Online training

Lessons include step-by-step detailed videos that you can watch over and over again, and the cost is much lower than personal lessons.


All of our training is based on positive reinforcement techniques and helps build confidence and a sense of accomplishment in dogs. The joy and motivation of your dog is the most important thing in training.

Positive reinforcement

Learning tricks is a great way to improve your bond with your dog and of course have fun together!

Learn with pleasure

What will you get from our collaboration?
An attentive dog, enjoying life together with you, getting pleasure from walks and travels
Making a beautiful dance that you will be able to successfully perform, helping to increase your confidence and pride in yourself and your dog
Learning to do tricks that will impress your friends and followers on internet channels
Finding like-minded people and friends who will share the joy of doing this sport with you
Available courses:
Finalist of the Open European Championship 2019 in the Freestyle category;
2 place winner at the Open European Champion 2021 (individual);
1 place at the World Championship 2022 (as a member of Team France)
Teaching dog training successfully for 3 years, with many grateful students.
Also teaching complex tricks to dogs who previously couldn't even sit
Conducting numerous seminars in France, Switzerland, Poland, Estonia, Belgium and Israel
Know-how about making a plan to achieve goals. I study psychology, which helps me to better understand people and build communication
Extensive knowledge of dog training, with the ability to find an individual approach for each client. I am good at explaining and conveying meaning to people so that they can correctly apply the knowledge acquired
Creativity, I invent dances and sequences for me and my students
Musical background, which can help with the interpretation of music in dances
Individual lessons

I was looking for a dog dance teacher everywhere and had zero luck.
In my country there was no one to learn from and no way to progress in
the sport.

And then it happened, I found Anastasiia. And she is an angel who
came into my life. I started taking online video lessons with her and we started building me a dance. She helped me learn about how to combine tricks and use them in the right places, she helped me improve my dog's motivation.
I was so happy to work with her, I even invited her to Israel to give 3 seminars to my students which were huge success!!

She is clear, knowledgeable, and knows how to work with dogs very
well. I love working with her, and recommend her very highly to those who want to learn about dog dance or improve in it, and learn how to have fun with their dogs!

Thanks Nastia!
Course “Tricks for beginners”
I wanted to say thank you for this great online course, we're really enjoying it!

Just the perfect amount of info/details, everything is very clear!

The videos are not too long, so you can easily go back to check something, really great stuff!

I look forward to the next courses you'll be offering!
Your way of teaching is so much easier to follow – having a great time & my rescue who is terrified about having her paws touched is very happy to touch the target.

Thank you can't wait to do more!
Webinar "Artistic Expression in Dog Dance"
I enjoyed the webinar very much, showing the comparisons between beginners and pros doing something to the same music was eye opening to me!

It made me realize I'm doing tricks to music, not Dog dance. It gave me a lot to think about.

I have attended quite a few seminars in the last months as I am studying to be a certified dog trainer and I liked yours the best so far.

Lots of very well-presented information!
Individual lessons
Thanks to Anastasiia I can tell that a little part of my dream to dance with my beloved Ria comes true.

Thanks for your patience and wonderful way to teach. Kind, supportive and professional.

A big hug Anastasiia and see you in our next lesson!
Stop watching others enjoy interacting with their dog and performing unusual tricks!
Make you and your dog the stars you deserve to be!
If you do not yet know which course is right for you, then you can write to me and I will be happy to respond.
If you do not yet know which course is right for you, then you can write to me and I will be happy to respond.