Online webinar «Artistic Expression in Dog Dance»
Speakers: Debra Benard and Anastasiia Beaumont

The "Artistic" aspect is something that is very frequently hard to understand and misunderstood by competitors in all of the regulations on dogdancing. Like many people, when I first became acquainted with this wonderful dog sport several years ago, I agonized about how to create a dance that would be well received by the judges, not only in technical elements but also from the artistic standpoint.
Now, we are hoping to give you some insights into the intricacies of artistic expression.

Debra Benard, who has judged championships at the international level, will talk about how to best construct your routines so that they can impress the judges favorably.

And I, in turn, will share my personal experiences as a competitor at the highest levels in our sport.

Together, we will demonstrate, using specific examples, how to avoid mistakes and what you can do to create a truly beautiful dance – one that will impress the judges and WOW the audience.

Who might benefit from this webinar?
- People who have just started dog dancing or want to discover more about this sport and achieve great results;
- Those who do not know what to look for when creating a choreography and how to plan it correctly, so that it is highly appreciated by the judges;
- People who are already in this sport and want to improve their results.

What is included:
  • Recording of the webinar, duration 3h 12min (available to watch during 1 month from the date of purchase)

  • Presentation in pdf - 32 slides with a short summary of the webinar that you can save and print for yourself.

Reviews of some of our participants:
  • "Hi Nastya and Debra

    I really enjoyed the seminar. I found the information useful. The format worked really well for me. The inclusion of videos to get key points across were very useful.

    It was also good to hear the thoughts of others in the sport from other countries.

    Thank you once again for organising it"
  • "I enjoyed the seminar very much, showing the comparisons between beginners and pros doing something to the same music was eye opening to me! It made me realize I'm doing tricks to music, not Dogdance. It gave me a lot to think about.
    I have attended quite a few seminars in the last months as I am studying to be a certified dog trainer and I liked yours the best so far. Lots of very well presented information."
  • "Thanks for the great evening! It was a very interesting webinar with very good examples."