Dogdance online school for beginners
Learn how to teach your dog tricks and create your first dance together
in 12 lessons
About the course
  • 12 units with 5 exercises in each (60 videos in total)
  • text description for each exercise (you can translate it to any language)
  • timing and planing your sessions
  • how to make your dog interested in doing the exercises
  • working with positive reinforcement
  • tugging games to improve motivation and work on impulse control
  • from luring to dancing with free hands
  • creating sequences
  • working with distraction
  • how to choose a music and plan your dance
  • positive acquaintance with the ring, work on dog confidence
  • from fun class to a first competition
20 Tricks to create your first dance:
  • Following the hand
  • Giving a paw
  • Slalom
  • Turning with front paws on a target
  • Turns
  • Standing on your feet
  • Figure eight
  • Sit pretty
  • Rolling over
  • Position between your legs
  • Walking backwards
  • Backward slalom
  • Reversing around you
  • Bowing
  • Circling around you/legs
  • Sending the dog around objects
  • Slalom while stepping backwards
  • Half-turn and backing through your legs
  • Hugging your leg
  • Crossing paws
Example of a dance you can make after the course:
Our team
  • Anastasiia Beaumont
    Dog Trainer
    Winner of Dog Dance international competitions at various levels
    Winner of European Challenge (Grand Prix France) 2018
    Top 10 at the Open European Championship 2019
    Member of the French team for the World Championship 2019
    2nd place at the Open European Championship 2021

  • Salsa
    Young student
    My little border collie Salsa. All the videos were filmed with her since she came to our home at the age of 2.5 months. She is my main helper and will show you how to learn all the basic tricks from the very beginning :)
How it works
One year access
In this course you will find 12 units with 5 exercises in each (60 videos in total) with step by step descriptions, including examples and final results.
Price 97€
With private lessons, once a week, it would take about 7 months to learn all the tricks from scratch
(28 weeks x 55€ = 1540€), so an online course is a great opportunity to save money and at the same time teach your dog many interesting tricks!
Easy and convenient
All lessons are posted on the online platform. You can access them any time from your PC or mobile phone.
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